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​We have been polishing brass, copper, bronze, aluminum and stainless steel for over 100 years, since 1894!  

We  also offer custom Powder Coating services as well as Custom Manufacturing.


We have worked on a great variety of objects from candle sticks, door hardware, and lighting fixtures to commercial parts directly off the assembly line!  

If it can be brought into our facility, chances are we can polish it!  




You may receive a free preliminary estimate from us anytime by emailing photos at  

For your convenience, we have provided a "suggested pricing structure" to give you an idea of what your item might cost.  

Before ...old and weathered

After....looks like new!

​Our goal at
C&F Polishing
is to provide high quality polishing and buffing of your items and turn your old, worn items into beautiful, like new treasures.​

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You will not go wrong by sending your brass to this company. Your brass is in safe hands with The Carlisle & Finch Co's facility.

The acrylic polyurethane they use is specially formulated for outdoor use. If your brass object will be kept indoors, expect it to look perfect for a very long time! If it is outdoors, it should be tarnish free for 10 years or more.

Tim Carter, Ask The Builder

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