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Our fees are based on the time and materials needed to complete each project.  We prefer to have our clients bring their objects to our facility.  This allows us to view the object and run a sample.  

Preliminary estimates can be provided from photos sent to us via regular mail or email at

Below you will find a suggested pricing structure based on the current rate of $85.00 per hour.  We require a $85.00 minimum.  We also offer pick up and delivery service for a charge of $150.00 round-trip (within the Cincinnati, Ohio - 275 Hwy Loop area).

The following price estimates and ranges can be used for planning purposes only and may change depending on the condition of the object and the type of finish required.

Note:  Above pricing also includes a solvent bath & rinse cleaning and a protective clear acrylic polyurethane coating, formulated for outdoor use.


The above listing is only a small sampling of objects we can polish.  We have provided mirror and satin finishes on brass diving helmets, brass calliope pipes, brass marine telegraphs, swords, ornate gates, suits of armor, fireplace screens, etc.

We encourage you to call (513-681-6080), email ( or bring your objects to us for a FREE evaluation.

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